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Is WhaleGate legit or a scam?
WhaleGate IS a SCAM

WhaleGate claims to be a team of specialists in technical analysis with several years of experience in the stocks markets but they are simply a team of completely anonymous scammers. All their following on Twitter and other social media where they market their scam are bought fake accounts. They practice an old scam known in the stocks markets by giving several cryptocurrency buy signals in their private paid Telegram group and either delete or edit the wrong signals, most of the signals are wrong. This is also known as Gaslighting.

If you realize it is a scam, fraud or that there is something wrong and talk about it with them or ask for a refund they will first try to Gaslight you and if it fails WhaleGate will first ban you from the private club with no refund and then threat you with violence or legal action. All victims that ever denounced them in the internet were doxed, black mailed and smeared but you should not be afraid of denouncing WhaleGate, they are just coward scammers hidden behind computers.

See what some victims have to say of WhaleGate:

Take care!

UPDATE: WhaleGate is exit scamming pretending that their Telegram was hacked. It is possible that they will re-brand and resume the scam. All similar offerings are a scam unless they show their faces, verifiable street address, verifiable land line phone, an internet domain name that does not hide the owner's identity in who-is services and post the buy signals in a media that can't be edited or deleted.